Waxing information including preparation and aftercare


1) If the hair is too short then the wax won't be able to grab it so a minimum of 1/2 a cm will be required for a good result. If you have been shaving then the hairs will have become blunt and coarse and more difficult to remove, so 1 cm is better in this case. If you are in any doubt, it is better to leave it too long than too short as any hair that is too long can be trimmed down before the waxing.

2) Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and helps release ingrowing hairs so it is recommended that you exfoliate and moisturise a few days before your treatment. However, please do not moisturise on the day of your waxing as we don’t want the skin to be too oily. If possible, don't wear tight clothing that day to prevent irritation after waxing.

3) Shower and lightly exfoliate before your appointment using warm, not hot water. Make sure you're extra clean. Cleansing wipes are provided at all times for you to freshen up before any treatment.

4) To be on the safe side, wear cotton pants on the day of your intimate waxing treatment and wear loose comfortable clothing. This is to prevent ant irritation after your waxing treatment.

5) Please speak to me before your appointment if you have any concerns whatsoever.


After waxing, for the next 24 hours and try to stick to the following: 1) Stay away from unnecessary heat. Do not have hot baths, showers, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, sunbathe or sunbeds. It is fine to a have a lukewarm or cool shower.

2) Avoid deodorants, make-up and any perfumed lotions or products on the treated area. As your pores are open after waxing applying deodorant will sting. It is advisable to avoid make-up after facial waxing.

3) The skin is more susceptible to infection after removing the hair follicle so please avoid touching the skin as your hands can put oil and bacteria onto the skin.

4) Don't exercise as sweating on the day of waxing may cause irritation to the area.

5) And finally, wear loose clothing and cotton underwear after an intimate wax. Tight clothes may cause irritation and in turn, encourage ingrowing hairs.

6) Please feel free to call me if you need an further advice.